Liquid waterproofing coating

AquaBlock Effect and AquaBlock NF Effect 

Polymer waterproofing for effective protection against moisture.

Polymer coating in Aquablock polymer

Manufactured in accordance with TU 2216-008-09560516-2016

Bronya AquaBlock polymer sealant is intended for interior and exterior use and is applied over cement screed, concrete, metal, plastic, wood, old waterproofing surfaces and other roofing materials to waterproof the foundation, walls, floors, roofs, interpanels seams, because it depends on the strength and durability of the building. Reliable waterproofing will eliminate dampness and mold, corrosion and destruction of building structures, unwanted water ingress into adjacent rooms, and therefore will help to avoid untimely repairs.  

Foundations and basements are most susceptible to water damage. Roofing materials and bitumen are widely used in construction. But these materials are increasingly being replaced by polymeric waterproofing compounds, since they have a number of advantages, such as durability, practicality, harmlessness to human health. After the Bronya AquaBlock polymer thermal insulation has been applied and cured, the floors are ready for finishing coating – which in itself is a huge advantage of the polymer sealant, which can be used both in the construction of the foundation and in the repair of floors of the exploited premises (We recommend Bronya AquaBlock polymer waterproofing for waterproofing bathrooms, basements and cellars). 

For waterproofing walls and/or roofs, polymer waterproofers are ideal. They can be used both to create a durable insulating layer over a large area, and to seal joints, cracks and bonding surfaces with tiles, panels and other decorative materials.

For waterproofing walls indoors, it is convenient and cost-effective to use Bronya AquaBlock polymer waterproofing agent, which is characterized by strength and durability, excellent waterproofing characteristics, plasticity and resistance adhesion.


As a solvent in the composition of Bronya AquaBlock waterproofing polymer water, therefore, it does not have a pungent odor and is harmless in operation (which should be taken into account when choosing repair materials, especially s there may be elderly family members, children, allergy sufferers nearby).

  • The surface of Bronya AquaBlock has no seams, therefore, it reliably protects against leaks;
  • The elasticity reaches 220%, indicating high levels of coating strength;
  • The waterproofing agent can be applied to any surface due to its strong adhesion. The base can be absolutely anything;
  • Easy installation. Applying a waterproofing agent is a paint job, which means savings on labor costs;
  • Bronya AquaBlock is not affected by sunlight, humidity, temperature drops;
  • High working speed;
  • Bronya AquaBlock can be easily applied with brush, roller, spatula and guns;

After application, Bronya AquaBlock turns into a strong and durable coating that is not exposed to atmospheric and mechanical stress. It is a durable and at the same time elastic material that does not lose its characteristics during use.