Thermal insulation coating 

Bronya Anti-Condensation

It is applied directly to the condensing wet surface in a thick technological layer at a time, drying to prevent further condensation.

Bronya Anti-Condensation Ultra-Thin Thermal Insulation

Bronya Anti-Condensation is a thermal insulation modification developed for use in industry, reconstruction and equipment repair. A unique material applied directly to damp and wet surfaces of pipelines and equipment of various shapes and configurations in operation when it is impossible to stop the technological process or supply fluids through pipelines. Bronya Anti-Condensation is an innovative solution to the problem of condensation on metal, glass, plastic and other surfaces of pipes and equipment. Prevents the accumulation and formation of humidity which, coming from surfaces covered with condensation, negatively affects the safety of equipment and items located in production, administrative and office premises. After using Bronya Anti-Condensation, this problem is completely eliminated, extending the life of pipes and equipment.

Bronya Anti-condensate :

• applied directly to the wet and condensed surface of the pipeline;
• can be applied from 1 mm to 10 mm at a time, which significantly speeds up the implementation of thermal insulation works;
• the readiness of the material for work is expressed simply by mixing the two components in the total volume of the supplied container;
• ease of application, after mixing the material is ready for application;

“Component A” consists of a dry mixture of components containing closed-cell microgranules, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mecellose, as well as a number of unique additives that make it possible to obtain an effective material in a certain proportion.
“Component B” contains polyacrylic resins modified with the addition of plasticizers, biocides, fungicides and other functional additives for polymerization in a humid environment.

Bronya Anti-Condensation is prepared strictly according to the instructions, in accordance with the proportions and holding time indicated there. When mixing the components, the active components interact, which makes it possible to obtain a homogeneous plastic mass, ready for application. Depending on the need, the thickness of the layer is selected. The Bronya Anti-Condensation Set consists of two packages, the packaging of which, for convenience, is designed in such a way that both components are fully utilized when mixing.