Deep Penetration Primer

Bronya Universal

Excellent deep penetrating primer for interior and exterior use

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Bronya Universal Deep Penetration Primer

Purpose of Universal Primer:
Universal deep penetrating acrylic in solution (virtually odorless milky white liquid). It is intended for the treatment of facades or interior absorbent bases for painting, puttying, applying plaster, gluing wallpapers, etc. It is used for processing concrete, brick, cement-sand and other facade or interior surfaces.

Primer composition:
Prepared water, acrylic dispersion, modifying and antiseptic additives. 

Primer properties:

  • Strengthens the surface of the base;
  • Increases the adhesion of materials to the base;
  • Reduces the absorbency of the base;
  • Has high penetrating power;
  • Does not reduce the vapor permeability of the base;
  • Ecological.

Bronya Universal Primer is designed and recommended to work with BRONYA series liquid ceramic thermal insulating coatings, improves adhesion of the coating to the surface and reduces material consumption.

Surface preparation:
The substrate must be cleaned of old coatings and flakes. The surface must be dry and clean.

Primer application:
Mix prepared primer before application. Methods of application – brush, roller, spray. Drying time 2 hours at a temperature of + 20 ° C. 
Consumption 100 – 200 g/m² when applied in one coat.

In addition to these instructions, when working with ready-made primers, one should be guided by SNiP 3.04.01-87, as well as general instructions for carrying out construction work. If in doubt about the possibility of using ready-made primers, you should test them yourself or consult the manufacturer.

Storage and precautions:
Store in a closed package at temperatures from +5 to + 30 ° C. Shelf life – no more than 12 months.

Download the Bronya Universal manual

Bronya Universal Primer CANNOT BE FROZEN!