Thermal insulation coating

Bronya North & North NF

The budget version of the Bronya Winter modification.
Profitable! Affordable! Indeed!

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Bronya North ultra-thin thermal insulation

Application at low temperatures!

Bronya North Liquid Insulation is an economical ultra-thin insulation that has similar characteristics to Bronya Winter. The result of successful partial implementation of import substitution technologies in production. Unlike all other thermal insulation materials on the Russian market, work on the application of Bronya North modification can be carried out at negative temperatures, down to -35 ° C, while the minimum application temperature for similar thermal insulation materials can not be less than + 5-7°C. Bronya North thermal insulation consists of a composition of special acrylic polymers and vacuum hollow ceramic microspheres, as well as pigmenting, flame retardant, rheological and inhibitor additives. It is operated at temperatures from -60°C to +70°C.

Now you are no longer afraid of the “winter recession” in construction!

Download the Bronya North manual

Download the Bronya North NF manual

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You can familiarize yourself with the Bronya North instructions in the Technical Documentation section.

Isolation thermique ultra-mince Bronya Nord NF

Modification Bronya North NF, identical in release form and packaging, with a low-fuel (base) modification.

It is important to note!

To date, we are not aware of similar thermal insulating coatings with proven non-combustibility (NF) and thermal conductivity similar to our basic modifications – complete competing analogues of these modifications from other manufacturers of products from thermal insulation, especially in the budget segment, which became possible due to the successful substitution of import components.

But on the market there are:

  • Non-combustible coatings with an NF certificate, including those of manufacturers of thermal insulation materials with a certain (or without) thermophysical effect, offering to apply on their basic (G1) modifications (by the way, without confirmation of thermal conductivity ) in order to supposedly obtain a final thermal insulation coating with NF certification…
  • NF certified thermal insulation material, but whose declared thermal physics is 2 to 8 times greater than “one thousandth” (essentially without any legitimate proof of thermal conductivity)

Important! The Bronya North NF modification is more affordable than the Bronya Winter NF modification by an average of 20-30%