Liquid waterproofing coating

AquaBlock Prisme

Bronya AquaBlock Prisme high-elastic all-weather polymer wear-resistant sealing liner.

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Polymer Coating in AquaBlock Prisme Polymer

Manufactured in accordance with TU 2216-008-09560516-2016

We present to you a transparent, polymer, waterproofing, one-component material based on the dispersion of a modified rubber polymer in a mixture of organic solvents, functional additives, and an ultraviolet stabilizer BRONYA AQUABLOCK PRISM.

BRONYA AQUABLOCK PRISM forms a transparent rubber surface.
These products are made thanks to many years of high-tech experience and own developments of Bronya technologists.

Download the AquaBlock Prisme manual

Where and how is it used?

Ideal in terms of operational properties, unique and high-tech in its composition can be applied both in the cold and in the warm season.

Waterproofing of foundations: concrete, brick; Engineering hydraulic structures (sewage treatment plants, collectors, sluices, aqueducts, canals) and other engineering communications; Pools and ponds, artificial streams and waterfalls; Reservoirs, including for drinking water; Waterproofing of brick and plastered walls with textured (relief, volumetric) plaster with preservation of color and texture of the surface.

It is a rubber varnish and a rubber primer (including for BRONYA AQUABLOCK EXPERT) for any kind of base (except for greasy plastics to the touch: Teflon, polyethylene, PVC, polished glass, etc.), where it is necessary to preserve the surface design, color scheme. It has increased elasticity. High adhesion to many types of materials makes it possible to repair surfaces with difficult to diagnose leakages.

The average consumption per layer is 250-300 grams per 1 square meter (approximate consumption when applying a brush coating on a flat non-absorbent surface). The material consumption is affected by the type of surface and the method of application.


  • Increased adhesion to various surfaces, weather resistance, wear resistance, elasticity and strength even at subzero temperatures;
  • Creates a seamless waterproofing coating resistant to UV radiation;
  • It has an increased percentage of stretching up to 800%;
  • Elasticity and strength even at subzero temperatures;
  • Application by all available methods: brush, roller, airless apparatus;
  • It is tinted in any color according to the palette;
  • All-weather application: from -25°C to +35°C;
  • Increased resistance to temperature changes from -55 °C to +150 °C;
  • Does not require dismantling of the old coating;
  • Resistance to oily products, acids, alkalis, salt solutions;
  • Quick-drying coating;
  • Facilitates the construction of the roof;
  • After drying, the coating does not slip, which reduces the risk of injury;
  • Service life of at least 10 years;
  • Low consumption;