Liquid waterproofing coating

AquaBlock Expert & AquaBlock Expert NF

Bronya AquaBlock Expert and Bronya AquaBlock Expert NF wear-resistant high-elastic all-weather polymer waterproofing coating.

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Polymer coating in Aquablock Expert and AquaBlock Expert NF polymer

Manufactured in accordance with TU 2216-008-09560516-2016

We present to you a one-component, lightfast, liquid waterproofing coating based on a synthetic rubber polymer with the addition of solvents and functional additives – BRONYA AQUABLOCK EXPERT and BRONYA AQUABLOCK EXPERT NF.

These products are produced thanks to many years of experience in the field of high technology and the own developments of Bronya technologists.

Where and how is it applied?

Ideal in terms of operational properties, unique and high-tech in its composition, it can be applied both in jelly and in the warm season.

Download the AquaBlock Expert manual

Download the AquaBlock Expert NF manual

Main applications:

    Roof repair

  • soft deposited materials
  • bitumen, bituminous mastics, ondulin, etc.
  • concrete, slate, tiles
  • black and galvanized metal
  • wooden bases, particle board, OSB, OSB, plywood

    Sealing work

  • waterproofing of foundations (concrete, brick, etc.)
  • engineering of hydraulic structures (treatment, collectors, locks, etc.)
  • pools, ponds, man-made streams and waterfalls
  • reservoirs (including for drinking water)

How the hardware works:

When applying a BRONYA AQUABLOC EXPERT waterproofing coating on any type of surface, the composition of organic solvents penetrates deep inside the surfaces of new and existing roofs. Through the emerging tubules filled with solvents, the polymeric composition of the sealing coating moves into the contact surface, as if taking on polymeric roots. After the end of the complete polymerization cycle, a seamless monolithic coating is formed.

If a waterproofing coating has been applied to the old roof, a polymer sandwich is formed from the old roof and the new coating, which cannot be mechanically separated into the old and the new layer.


  • Increased adhesion to various surfaces, weather resistance, wear resistance, elasticity and strength even at low temperatures
  • Application by all available methods: brush, roller, airless device
  • Can be tinted in any color from the palette
  • All-weather application: from -25°С to +35°С
  • Increased resistance to extreme temperatures from -55°С to +150°С
  • Does not require the dismantling of the old coating
  • Resistance to products containing oil, acids, alkalis, saline solutions
  • Coating dries quickly
  • Facilitates the construction of the roof
  • After drying, the coating does not slip, which reduces the risk of injury
  • Lifetime of at least 10 years
  • High covering power, high dry residue, low consumption
  • Protect PPU Insulation

Differences between Bronya AquaBlock modifications:

or indicators
Seal seams and joints
Bathroom waterproofing
Waterproofing of balconies
Soil sealing
Concrete waterproofing
Foundation waterproofing
Basement waterproofing
Waterproofing wooden floors
Waterproofing brick walls
Roof waterproofing
Swimming pool waterproofing
Heat resistant coating with a working surface temperature of up to 140°C
Increased resistance to aggressive environments
– Yes – No – Allowed