Bronya Versus Heat Transfers

Bronya Canada Coatings liquid insulation products provide a superior coating. Thanks to an advanced formula specially designed for this purpose, tiny ceramic particles and high-quality polymers are mixed in a latex base to form a revolutionary product. It is easily applied with a single operation on the coating. For more information about our products, you can browse our product range here.

The effectiveness of our products is based on their resistance to 3 types of heat transfer: convection, conduction, and radiation. Convective heat transfer is due to molecular motion. Through the technique we use, nanotechnology, we have developed a function by which a vacuum is created inside the microspheres present in our solution. Convective heat transmission processes occur in these microscopic micro-spaces in traditional methods. By our process, there are small ceramic microsphere interfaces and cell walls so thin that they slow down heat conduction. Heat particles collide with cell walls rather than each other, so they are almost unable to transport heat energy.

Conduction: it transfers heat from one substance to another by direct contact. The formula we use relies on tightly bonded ceramic particles and very thin air gaps in each application layer to dramatically slow conductive heat transfer. Our Bronya Canada sheathing products work differently than traditional insulating blankets or foams that sit in a thick layer to slow heat transfer. In insulation, the R factor is based on the mass of the insulation. Our Products – Bronya Canada coatings provide comparable R-value equivalency of R8 to R15 with only 4 MIL or 1MM thick. This allows the application of our products to be effective despite the lack of mass by using concentrated layers of ceramic particles interspersed with thin layers of air. The high resistance of Bronya coating products to the conductive cooling effect of air circulation makes it a valuable solution for your projects.

Radiation is the heat you feel from a heat source such as fire, the sun, or an oven. Bronya Canada coatings products are resistant to radiant heat transfer particularly from infrared solar radiation which can heat surfaces well above ambient temperature. Bronya Canada coatings solution reflects and blocks radiant heat transfer. When used on buildings, our thin coating blocks solar radiation and its heating effect on the surface. Even the reflective white paint absorbs sunlight and heats up by 10°F above room temperature on an 85 degree day. Dark surfaces absorb even more energy increasing by 20°F or more in ambient temperature. Our Bronya Canda siding products resist absorption of solar energy and insulate against ambient temperatures.

Sauvons la planète un 20 litres à la fois !

Let’s save the planet 20 liters at a time !