Bronya : Pump Cleaning

Pump cleaning Here is a not insignificant interesting aspect concerning the use of Bronya products. Unlike our competitors, once their use is finished, we do not have to use solvents to clean the pipes, the pump and in cleaning the accessories.

The composition of our products, which we remember is waste-free, allows you to simply use water! No polluting solvents. Just water! Our aim is, if not to eliminate, to minimize the damage caused to the environment by the waste associated with the use of traditional insulation products. See for yourself if the avenue of the third environment, that of the awareness of the damage we cause to the planet, has raised awareness of the management of waste related to insulation.

Far too many entrepreneurs only care about profits rather than the environment. Take here the example of mineral wool and styrofoam, which until now are the most exploited in the construction industry in terms of thermal insulation. Companies that prioritize these materials prefer to get rid of them by sending the unused surpluses to the trash rather than paying an employee to store them for reuse on another project. In 2006, in the construction, renovation & destruction (CRD) sector, 4,569,000 tons of debris and residual materials were thrown away annually in Quebec. This represents almost a third of the total residual materials generated in the Province[1]. Think about it for a moment, when you insulate a building, all the waste that ends up in the trash, considerably polluting the planet with this waste that takes thousands of years to decompose. According to them, monetarily, it is not worth it, and it is true! This is why we want to change this mentality, outdated from our current reality and enable a greener future.

We provide a solution to this unhealthy problem! The Bronya product range is not only waste-free but also less expensive most of the time, providing thermal insulation properties that are significantly superior to traditional insulation.

[1] Lucie FERLAND, « Connaissez-vous un ou des endroits qui recycle la brique brune, ainsi la laine minérale, le carton fibre, le bardeaux? », April 25, 2011

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